So I’m sitting at a café having a cup of coffee one afternoon reading a magazine on fashion and design, and a phone rings. It isn’t mine so why should I be bothered? There is a girl sitting by herself in the table across from me. She picks up her purse and takes out her ringing phone and answers it. It should have been none of my business that a stranger’s phone is ringing and she picks it but somehow, something in the conversation caught my ear.

So I take it you’re not coming? The girl had responded to something the person on the other end of the line had said.

I assumed he/she had said something like; I’m stuck in traffic or my mom’s in hospital or I have a test right now… The usual things people lie about to get out of going on a date. I thought to myself, it is normal for someone to cancel a coffee date and kept flipping through the pages of my magazine.

It shouldn’t have been anything much except that two days later, I was in the same café, this time reading a newspaper and I came across a page talking about a 17 year old female who’d committed suicide. Apparently she had stuck not one, not two but seventy three nails all over her body and had bled to death. Normally ,I would have cursed out loud, felt sorry for the times we were living in and for the family and friends of the deceased and probably asked myself why people hate themselves so much as to take their own lives then move on to a different story, but when I looked at the picture at the side, it was the same girl I had seen a few days ago. The same girl who’d gotten stood up. I was mortified.

To be continued…

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  1. floatinggold · April 13, 2018

    Freaky story.

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